MajiKana delayed even further ― マジカナ公開はもっと延期

UPDATE (3 July 2020): This game is no longer in development. The embedded video has been removed, but the hyperlinks are retained for archival purposes. However, please note that they may no longer lead anywhere.


As expected, we didn’t make the spring release. In fact, development has been going slow to the point where we were hardly even able to make any progress since the last update in November. To top it off, Ruko experienced some serious technical difficulties, from which she has yet to fully recover, and as such, her ability to work on the game has become limited. With a huge boss that is annoying to work on, even the programmers find themselves hard-pressed to get any significant work done.

Because of this, MajiKana’s release is delayed until further notice. We’re hopeful that we might get the game done by the end of the year, but don’t count on it.

This bad news out of the way, here’s some good news to make up for it: First of all, we’ve begun planning (and rudimentary development) of a series of side-games called “MajiKana Gaiden”, which will each be one stage long and mimicking the look, feel and limitations of a different system. Some work was done on the NES version, “MajiKana FC Gaiden”, for the sake of having something to show in the above update video, but further development on these is low-priority and unlikely to go anywhere until the main game has been completed. The side-games will be donationware, so you can decide for yourself how much you’re willing to pay for each of them.

Secondly, we’re very excited to announce that Super Fighter Team has approached us offering to port MajiKana to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis! Given the high production costs, however, we expect the retail price to be somewhere around $40 to $60. However, just like SFT’s other titles, this one will also be region-free.

Please look forward to both, and thank you for your patience with us up until this point!




一、わくわくにお知らせるのは、Super Fighter Team様が我々を連絡して、マジカナのセガメガドライブ版を作ることです!生産値段は高いですから、小売価格が4千~6千5百円の範囲にあるでしょう。しかし、SFT様の全ゲーム通りに日本・アメリカ・ヨーロッパ・世界中のメガドライブで遊べます。