MajiKana Demo Release (v0.021) ― マジカナ体験版の公開

UPDATE (3 July 2020): This game is no longer in development. The embedded video and donation links have been removed, but the hyperlinks are retained for archival purposes. However, please note that they may no longer lead anywhere.


Team Gaijin Alex, in collaboration with Haruhana Soft, is developing their debut game to be released by the end of the year. However, as of July 1, a playable demo has been released that was recently updated to iron-out some kinks.

Go to Haruhana Soft’s website to download the game, or just click here instead. (Click here if you already have the game and want to update it with a patch.)

Do leave us your feedback, and please consider donating to help us during development.




Blog Creation!

As if a website and a Twitter weren’t enough, here’s a blog to detail the exploits of Team Gaijin Alex as they create games and stuff.

Since this blog is only for particularly noteworthy updates, don’t expect too many updates. Our Twitter is probably going to be more active than this.