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General Update Log No. 4

Damn, almost two months since the last log. Even so, I don’t have much to report, but I’m slowly getting back on track again, so if nothing else, at least that deserves a new blog post.

Regarding my obligatory album progress report: I’m proud to say that, after weeks if not months of procrastination (largely induced by severe mental health problems last month), I’ve finally started doing some more mixing as of last Sunday. That’s all I’ll say on the matter, though, as I don’t want to jinx myself by predicting a release schedule again.

Normally I’d say check my Twitter to be kept up to date, but odds are there’s nobody reading this blog who doesn’t already follow me on there.

Aside from album work, I’ve also started streaming on Twitch. Unfortunately I’m not streaming music work (although I might do so in the future, particularly once I start taking commissions), but you can usually find me there in the mornings and evenings (GMT+1) streaming either my attempts at getting a Lunatic 1cc in TD or just playing some SG-1000 games (or any other games I feel like playing at the time). Maybe someday I’ll try to make a more consistent schedule out of it, but for now I’m just streaming for the hell of it more than anything.

Speaking of stream, that’s where I somehow managed to achieve something insanely difficult I used to bite my teeth out on over the years: I cleared Flash Mode in Columns on Pro difficulty and with the height set to 9, which you can watch here. It may look easy, but I’m pretty sure I got incredibly lucky to be able to do it on my second attempt that session. After all, you really don’t get much breathing room to start with, and if the RNG hates you, you can easily end up with all the wrong colors and end up losing all your progress.

Now if only I could achieve counterstop in Arcade Mode…

Oh yeah, Touhou 18’s demo came out last month, too. Probably one of the hardest Lunatics in the series. It took me a good while to finally get a Lunatic 1cc. So far I’ve managed it with every character except for Sakuya… and after several failed attempts, I’ve decided to just not bother with her. People say Reimu is the worst shot type, but at least she has a bomb that’s good for more than just scoring.

Finally, today I went to the post office to pick up something I’d been looking forward to getting my hands on for quite a while now: a Sega SJ-200 controller, which came with Sega’s first ever home console, the SG-1000. I’m glad to announce that it’s in good working order, although the stick itself is hard to move around, especially diagonally. Then again, I suppose that’s to be expected.

That’s all for this time. Thanks for your support, and please take care of yourselves!

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 「2月の月末までに」という締切にももう間に合えないようです。次の金曜日に行うBandcamp Fridayに販売すればいいなと思いますが、きっと無理かもしれません。僕を知っている人はしっていますね。僕は締切に間に合うのは苦手だと。ゆえに、「5日間かかっても5か月かかっても、完成させたら完成させた」と、言っておきましょう。














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General Update Log No. 3

It’s been about a month since the last update log, hasn’t it? Going by my bi-weekly schedule, I should have written this one on the 8th, but ended up not doing so because I just didn’t have anything worthwhile to report other than “the album is still in progress and it’s the only thing I’ve been (not) working on in the past two weeks”.

At this point I’m just writing this log both for self-accountability and to give at least some sign of life.

So yes, elephant in the room. The album. Going by my progress spreadsheet, we’re currently looking at an 86.5% completion rate, but it hasn’t really been going up in a while. I’ve only got one track left to write, and it’s been giving me a headache because I’ve yet to stumble upon instrumentation for it that I actually like.

It’s also looking increasingly unlikely that I’ll meet the “by the end of February” deadline at this rate. Hopefully I’ll only miss it narrowly so that I can still capitalize on the upcoming Bandcamp Friday on the first Friday of March, but I’d keep expectations of that low. If you’ve been keeping track for a while, you’ll know that I almost never meet any deadline I set for myself, so for now I’ll just stick with saying “it’ll be done when it’s done, whether that be in five days or five weeks”.

That said, I guess I do call it a “general” update log for a reason, so maybe I could pad it out a bit with some journaling unrelated to personal projects.

As some of you may have witnessed, I finally managed to Lunatic-1cc IN last Thursday. When I uploaded it to YouTube, I realized I should also upload some of my other Touhou achievements from years past. They’re as follows:

You can also check my playlist of other Touhou Lunatic 1ccs. Counting the 1ccs I don’t have footage of – and not counting the fighting games – I’ve now got Lunatic 1ccs in half the official Touhou games. Not sure which game I’ll tackle next yet, but it might be either SA, DDC, or WBaWC.

Today I also came upon notes for a game idea I remember having since I was a kid. I remember drawing a lot of mockup screenshots for it, though while those are all completely lost to time, what remains are notes I made from what memories I retained.

Basically, it’d be a 2D Metroidvania kind of like Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap and Wonder Boy in Monster World – or, for a more recent example, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. One of the recurring elements also seems to be crystals, with one mechanic revolving around collecting crystal shards scattered across the world in order to craft them into various things, such as powerful equipment or an item that doubles how long your life bar can get

I’d love to make it a reality someday, but at present it’s barely even more than the fragment of a concept. I gotta fill in a lot of the lore and worldbuilding, to say nothing of the graphics and sound that’d have to be made. It’s definitely not something I could pump out in just a few weeks. To top it all off, I’m actually really bad at programming platformers.

Ah well, if I can at least flesh out the concept some, that’ll be enough for me. I’m only one guy, after all, and even just bringing out a new Mukai title takes a lot out of me… as evidenced by the fact that there’s still only the one.

Speaking of projects, though, I also want to update my Sokoban clone at some point, port it over to GMS2 and give it some quality of life adjustments, among other things. Like a proper pause menu instead of having to hold down Esc for 3 seconds. Maybe even a function to undo steps, though I feel like there should be some kind of penalty to it, like having it stop recording your number of steps and pushes for the level you’re in.

What I’m also thinking of adding is more cutscenes, especially to the text-only screens. A proper how-to-play section would be great to have, too, even if I doubt anyone’s actually gonna look at it.

Speaking of clones, there’s also this Columns clone that I’d been working on, but all I’ve got so far is a custom sprite font and some rough shapes for the jewels. Meh, probably no point in going into too much detail about my plans for that yet, either.

…Anyway, yeah. Lot of stuff I want to do. Nowhere near enough mental capacity for all of it. I hope you can be patient with me for at least a little longer. I’m trying my best… I think. Who can say, really?

On that note, though, this is going to be a bitch to translate into Japanese later.

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器用貧乏 ~ Dextrous Yet Destitute




  1. 知らぬ時代の懐旧
  2. ソポール ~ 羊数え (CD ver.)
  3. 見覚え幼女
  4. 活気を運ぶのは東西の風
  5. 精霊樹物語
  6. 自我消失の夢
  7. 迷宮めいきゅう 明球めいきゅう
  8. 風乗族は月の国へ
  9. 尚雷しょうらい ~ 呪詛なる祝福
  10. ラバランプに映る懐古世紀


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Album Announcement!

Hello, Popfan here!

I thought I’d take the time between bi-weekly updates to get around to revealing the album I’ve been working on this whole time. Finally got the cover art done today, so now seems like as good as time as any. Therefore, without further ado…

器用貧乏 ~ Dextrous Yet Destitute

A collection of various tracks, some of which were salvaged from WIPs I started and never finished. Almost every single song has me trying something new, though. Experience my journey of musical self-improvement over the course of 2020 and early 2021…

…Once it actually comes out, anyway. I’m still at an 80% completion rate with not much progress in the past seven days, but it would be deeply embarrassing if I couldn’t get it all out of the way this month.

The track list is as follows:

  1. Nostalgia for an Unexperienced Period
  2. Sopor ~ Counting Sheep (CD ver.)
  3. Deja Vu Girl
  4. The East-Western Wind Carries Vigor
  5. Tale of the Bespirited Tree
  6. Dream of Self-Vanishment
  7. Glittering Sphere in a Fatal Labyrinth
  8. Windriders to the Moon Kingdom
  9. Revered Lighting ~ Curse in Disguise
  10. The Retro Century Reflected in a Lava Lamp

More info next week, provided I’ll have anything to talk about by then. Look forward to it!

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 一つ目は、もちろん、アルバムのことです。昨日までに作曲のことを終わらせようとしていたけど・・・完成したと言えば完成したかな? メロディやコード進行などは全部出来上がったとなら・・・ですが、お察しの通り、ミキシングの進捗を入れなくても、実際の制作はまだまだです。



 二つ目は、ホームページの更新です。ここ2週のツイートを見ている方ならお気づきだと思いますが、「version 3.0」と名付けました。ようやく決まったデザインには満足しています。レスポンシブウェブデザインのルールに従っているので、どんなディスプレイサイズにも合うのは、2017年に作ってみた携帯版よりもずっといいです。



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General Update Log No. 2

Two weeks have passed, and here we are again. This update is going to be quite a bit shorter than the first one, though, mostly since there are only two things I’ve been working on.

Number one is, of course, the album. I was planning to have all the composing work out of the way by yesterday… and I guess I technically managed to do that? At least in the sense that I’ve at the very least got all the melodies and chord progressions I need to complete each track… but as you can probably guess, actual production has yet to come anywhere close to concluding, even without counting the mixing.

As the saying goes, the first casualty of any battle is the plan of attack. My schedule slipped, I had more days with no progress made than I’d like to admit, and distractions were aplenty. As much as it frustrates me to miss yet another deadline, I probably won’t get the album done until at least February at this rate.

Currently, the album is a little over 75% done. I’ll try my best to get as much progress done as possible this week so I can at least do a reveal of the track list before the month is over. Every track has at the very least been started on by now, with two that are technically already done but may need some tweaks all across the board.

On to my second project, though: the new website. If you’ve followed me on Twitter over the past two weeks, you’ll have seen me referring to it as “version 3.0”. I’m really happy with the aesthetic I decided on, and I’ve been following the concept of responsive web design in order to allow it to smoothly fit to displays of any size, which is so much better than the mobile version I tried to do back in 2017.

Unfortunately, though, I still struggle with backend stuff, particularly since I want neater-looking URLs, and the frontend stuff still has issues that have been frustrating me to no end, so no telling on when that update will go live.

And that just about covers the past two weeks. Both my sleep schedule and my work ethic really went down the crapper without me even realizing it, so wish me luck on getting my act back together.

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  1. 外人アレク現作団HPの完全更新。現在のビジュアルデザインがあまり好きじゃありません。特にテキストの書いてある画像を多用しているところですね。それとHTMLとPHP(そう、PHPです)のコードもめちゃくちゃなところがあって、書き直した方がいいかもしれません。まずはどんなデザインを目指そうか決めなければいけません。メニューを縦のままにするか横にするかまだ決まってもいません。携帯版も作ってみるかどうか考えていますが、優先度は低いです。

  2. 何年か前に作ったちょっとしたゲームやパクリなどを手直しして公開するかもしれません。何もないよりはマシなので・・・

  3. 先述のアルバムを公開してから、作曲コミッションを受け始めようと思います。しかし、東方風を求めている方は、僕は他の作曲家さん達ほど相応しくないかもしれません。

  4. もちろん夢界幻魔伝の最後(だったらいいな)の大更新(多分v1.20a)を公開したいです。v1.1〇以外に要素を追加する予定はありませんが、コードを書き直し、会話・エンディング・リプレイの三つのシステムがオーバーホールされます。それを全部片づけたらようやく夢界第二弾の開発に取り掛かれます。

  5. いずれもう一個の音楽アルバムを作りたいです。案はもうあります。



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General Update Log No. 1

As you might have read by now if you’ve seen my tweets, I thought I’d try resurrecting the blog and giving it a bit more of a purpose. Giving a general bi-weekly recap of what I’ve been up to seems like a worthwhile thing to do, as while I do use Twitter for journaling to some extent, the tweets end up all scattered and fragmented, whereas a blog post is going to be a lot more organized for that sort of thing.

So with that said, I hope 2021 is turning out to be a better year for you than the trainwreck that was 2020. Personally, I wish I could have gotten more done than a few small updates to COL, especially since a bigger update is still in the works. Hell, 2020 was supposed to be the year where I would finish and release the second Mukai game, but with my mental health in decline, I ended up not getting anything done on that front at all.

I did, however, divert my focus to creating a new music album, which is going to be my first talking point:

You may remember from my previous blog post how I wanted to get it done by the end of 2020. Obviously that didn’t happen, but assuming no further curveballs are thrown my way, I may be able to finish and release it by the end of this month. It will have 10 tracks and I plan to sell it on Bandcamp for €10.00. As with all Bandcamp albums, though, you can of course pay more than that if you want. Buyers will also receive a digital booklet in PDF format, containing song comments in both English and Japanese.

Current completion rate of the album is just a little under 70%. I found a work schedule that works for me, though, so I should be able to get the remaining tracks composed within the next two weeks. After that it’s just mixing, getting the mixes evaluated by my audio consultant, and drawing the album cover. Expect a reveal of the album name and track list within the next few weeks. Hopefully I can also do a premiere of the entire album on YouTube.

That’s the big thing, anyway. Other plans for the near future are as follows:

  1. A complete overhaul of the TGA website. I’m not too happy with the current visual design, especially the overreliance on images with text, but the HTML and PHP (yes, PHP) are a hot mess in parts, too, and may warrant a rewrite. First I have to figure out what direction to take the design in, though, and my current biggest conundrum is whether I want to keep the vertical navigation or replace it with a horizontal one. I also want to try again with a mobile version if I can manage, but that’s relatively low-priority.

  2. I might polish up and release some of the small games and clones I wrote years ago to wrap my head around coding, just to have something to show in this absolute content drought.

  3. After I’ve released the aforementioned album, I may start taking song commissions. Do keep in mind, however, that if you’re looking for Touhou-style music, I may not be able to capture the style as convincingly as many other composers in the scene.

  4. Obviously I also want to bring out the (hopefully) final major update to COL, which I’ll probably be dubbing v1.20a. It probably won’t add any new features on top of the v1.1x family of updates, but I do plan on refactoring the code as well as overhauling the dialogue, ending and replay systems. Once that’s all squared away, I can finally start working on Mukai 2 for real.

  5. A second album later down the line. I already have a concept for it.

That should just about cover everything. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for practically disappearing for months on end and providing nothing noteworthy. Suppose it’s been a tough year for all of us…

At any rate, thank you for your continued support, and I hope you look forward to what I’ve got cooking!

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