General Update Log No. 10: Happy New Year Edition

So 2022 has come and gone, and with it another shitty year. I wasn’t able to get much done on my end, either, aside from what few commissions I received. You may think that, with my eight months of radio silence since the last blog post, I must’ve been up to something huge behind the scenes… but I really wasn’t. Most of the year was spent in complete listlessness, with only the occasional burst of productivity before I immediately burned out again.

Will 2023 be any better, then? I sure hope so. At the very least I’ve been going into it feeling somewhat more optimistic than how I left 2022, thanks to the realization that I’m going to have to give myself a kick in the pants from time to time and stay organized if I want anything to change… Easier said than done, of course, but then again, nothing’s easy to do if you’ve been spending weeks if not months at a time just coasting by with the minimum of effort to stay afloat.

Enough moping around, then. Thinking about everything I could’ve done and didn’t do isn’t gonna make me feel any better about myself, after all. It’d be a much better use of my time and energy to focus on what I can do going forward, and despite my pessimistic tone, I can’t say that I haven’t already gotten started on exactly that.

See, it’s not much, but I’ve started doing daily figure sketches as of a few days ago. Found this video series on YouTube with each video about half an hour long as it starts you off with short sketches before gradually increasing the timer. I’ve only been at it for a few days, but I can already feel the rust slowly starting to come off and my overall skills improving, even if it’s not always a straight line upwards. Maybe I should try something similar with music sometime, challenging myself to compose a full track within one or two hours.

Speaking of music, you may remember me wanting to release a new album in 2022. Well, that obviously didn’t happen, but I do hope I can finally work on one this year. I just need to get started; that’s really the hardest part of it all, and something I have to go through every time I finish a song and want to write another.

At any rate, that’s my resolution for 2023. Working on myself and getting over all those fears that prevent me from doing the things I want to do… and the only way to do so is to follow Nike’s advice and be persistent about it.

Oh, and it also hasn’t eluded me that next month will be Retrograde Road’s 10-year anniversary. Obviously I can’t just not commemorate it.














General Update Log No. 9

You wouldn’t believe these update logs were originally supposed to be a bi-weekly occurrence, given my sporadic schedule with them. In fact, this is the first new log of the year — at least of its kind.

But without further ado, let’s get you up to speed on what I’ve been up to since late December, shall we?

Starting with my personal health (both physical and mental), I’ve been doing what I can to thrive. Getting into a consistent and rigorous workout schedule, keeping track of my calories and other nutrients (primarily protein intake) with an app, which has surprisingly led me to lose even more weight… though I’ll have to say that I’m also starting to see some actual gains. My legs have gotten a lot more firm over the course of last month, I’ve clearly been burning fat, I’m a lot more flexible now (albeit still not as flexible as I’d like to be), and overall I’m definitely very happy with the direction my body is headed. This month I’ve made the switch to push and pull days, and I’m already looking forward to the extra muscle it’ll help me put on.

Mentally, I’ve been having the occasional slump here and there (lasting from anywhere between a few days to a few weeks), but I’m making an effort to keep on top of things. I’ve started a gratitude journal, trying to list at least three things that I’m grateful for every night before bed, and I’ve also adopted the practice of making a daily to-do list with three items. Most of the time that includes tasks I need to get out of the way, but sometimes I can’t think of a full three things, so I stretch it with more mundane stuff like “work out” or “take a shower”. Writing this blog post is actually one of my tasks for today, so that should tell you how that’s been going for me.

On the topic of productivity, I’m also making an effort to try and minimize time spent doing nothing, especially early in the day: all too often to I find myself falling into the trap of thinking “it’s still early in the day, so I’ve got plenty of time to get everything done”, only to keep putting my tasks off until — oops — suddenly the day is already over and I haven’t actually gotten anything done at all. That kinda stuff. One of the measures I’ve started taking was making an effort to get out of bed as soon as I wake up, rather than staying in there for up to an hour or more just checking my phone. An early rise and a rigid schedule (breakfast at 8, music work from 9am to 1pm, lunch at 1pm, etc.) have definitely been helping a lot.

That said, I still need to find a full-time job, and despite all the systems I’ve put in place and habits I’m in the process of adopting, writing applications is something I’ve been putting off for close to a year now, so ideally I’ll at least have some sent out by the time the month is over. I’d definitely like to find a job in software engineering — or web design, seeing as I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering with the Retrograde Road website over the months, the latest additions being download counters, as well as a password-protected analytics page.

…which segues nicely into my creative endeavors that I want to talk about next. Regarding music commissions, I’m proud to say that I’ve already finished more commissions within the first four months of 2022 than I have throughout all of 2021: Four commissions and counting. As usual, you can find and listen to them in this playlist (except for one commission which I haven’t posted yet because I’m waiting for the client to use it himself first).

And of course, as usual, keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter, since I plan on reopening soon.

Regarding my other projects, the second game of the Mukai Project has… not exactly started development yet, but I’ve begun getting my feet wet with it again, creating a few assets and drafting up an all-new design doc. It’s not much to write home about yet, particularly since my priorities still lie elsewhere, but know that I’m chomping at the bit to get some serious work done on it as soon as I can.

What I need to prioritize instead is my third album (if Proto-Unreality Replication is counted as the first). I’d been wanting to get it released this year, but May has already started, and with that, a third of the year has already passed me by without any progress made whatsoever. I’m going to have to get the ball rolling on this one very soon, especially as the music isn’t all there is to the album. I’ll still need to draw an album cover and design the booklet, and the former in particular means having to derust and repolish my art skills.

But speaking of music, you can expect me to release a new non-commission, non-album, non-soundtrack song very soon. If not this week, then definitely the next. I just need to make a video for it, like for all the others… and honestly? I’m very excited to show it to you guys. It’s really, really good, and coming from me, that should mean something.

That’s it from me for now, though. I hope this update was long enough to be worth the lack of news from me otherwise. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay vigilant, and as always, thank you for your continued support!

色々な更新の記録、其の捌 年末版





  • 8周年のために絵を描いた
  • 新作アルバムを公開した
  • サイトをリニューアルした
  • Discordのサーバーを作成した
  • 夢界幻魔伝のあと一つのアップデートを公開した
  • 作曲コミッションを3件果たした



 因みに、最近サイトは50万ヒットを突破しました。皆様の興味も応援もいつもありがとうございます! 今、少しでも絵に自信があれば、是非とも記念に何かを描いてみたいのです。しかし、現状では、この一文しか出来ないのです。

 作曲コミッションといえば、やめる予定は今ありません。申し込むにはこちらで、僕が作った曲を聴きたければこちらになります! 状態が変わる場合は、Twitterで知らせてあげます。どうぞいらっしゃいませ。








General Update Log No. 8: End-of-Year Edition

Time flies by quickly when there’s a pandemic going on, doesn’t it? With 2021 coming to an end, I hope you had a happy celebration of whichever holiday your culture and/or religion observes. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay vaccinated, and let’s all do our part to make sure 2022 is the last year we’ll have to deal with this nonsense.

With that out of the way, I thought I’d take this occasion to give a recap of my activities over the course of this year, as well as what I have planned for the next year.

For starters, the blog itself has seen more activity than in any previous year. It had occurred to me that, given my sparse output of new works, I should start these update logs, just to keep people up-to-date and myself accountable — not that it was all that effective at that, no thanks to my life itself being a rollercoaster ride for my mental health, with far more downs than ups. At least things are starting to look up again in that regard, though, and I’ll continue to further work on myself the next year.

As for TGA-related stuff, I’ve managed to…

  • Draw something for TGA’s 8th anniversary
  • Release a new album
  • Redesign and overhaul the website
  • Create a Discord server
  • Release one final update for COL
  • Take and complete no less than three song commissions

All things considered, I’d say it was quite the productive year for me. I’ve also resurrected my YouTube channel, but the game videos I’ve been uploading on there aren’t quite within the scope of this team’s activities, so of course I didn’t put them on the above list.

Recently, the website has also surpassed 500,000 hits. Thank you all for your continued interest and support! If I had any amount of confidence in my drawing skills at the moment, I’d definitely be drawing something to commemorate the occasion. As it stands, though, you’ll just have to take this single paragraph instead.

On the topic of music commissions, they’ll continue to be open for the foreseeable future. Go here if you want to apply for one, and see here for a collection of tracks I’ve written over the years! My Twitter will be where you can be kept up-to-date, should the situation change in any way. I’m looking forward to your patronage.

Regarding the next year, I have the following resolutions:

To start with, obviously I want to begin development for the second game in the Mukai Project as soon as possible, preferably as early as January. I have my doubts that I’ll be able to actually finish it within the year, but I may or may not keep a public devlog.

I also plan to work on a new album and have it finished and put up for sale before the end of the year. Even for a 10-track album, it should be doable so long as I keep on top of my game with my time management and work ethic.

Additionally, in order to keep my momentum going with regards to composing, I’m going to aim for posting at least one new song every month, whether that be a commission or something I wrote for myself.

After years of burnout, I’m going to renew my efforts to get back into drawing again, as well. A lot of it is going to be practicing the basics, but training my mindset is also important so that I don’t end up burning out again.

Finally, just as a personal thing, I plan on taking the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test next July in order to try and get at least N3. I don’t really have any use for it other than bragging rights, but sometimes, that’s all the motivation you need.

And I believe that’s about it. Happy new year, and see you in 2022!


 昨日は、いよいよ夢界幻魔伝のv1.20aのアップデートを完成させることになって・・・それから今すぐにv1.20bのホットフィックスも公開しなければなりませんでした。まあ、相変わらずですね。とにかく、この1~2ヶ月間はすごくとんでもないことになっていて、一時はアップデートがなかったことになったところでした。プロジェクトは破損していて進捗を完全に失ってしまったのです。Game Maker Studioの2.3アップデートで自分のプロジェクトのv1.15aの時点のバックアップを取っていなかったらこれで終わりでしょう。これからはGithubを使うことになりましたが、それでも挽回しなければならない進捗が沢山ありました・・・挽回は2~3日だけかかったけど。




 ちなみに、前週新しいタブレット(Huion Kamvas Pro 12)を手に入れたので、作画の腕を磨く機会を逃さないと思います。

 また、新しいアルバムの制作にも取り組みたいと思っています。最初の「色々な更新の記録」で、アルバムを作る計画があると言ったのを覚えているかもしれませんが、もちろんそれこそが僕が取り組もうとしている事なのです。どれぐらい長くなるかまだ決まっていませんが。また10曲を狙いますが、それより少なくなる可能性もあります。「祖型無限の再現 ~嗹縁開无現里~」と「器用貧乏」の物理的なCDを売る夢もまだ離していませんし。どうしても作らせて欲しいですけど、お金がかかって、需要がなければ収支が合えません。いつの日か、ね・・・




General Update Log No. 7, and a Farewell to COL

So as of yesterday, I’ve finally finished and released the v1.20a update for chain of lucidity… which I then had to promptly supplant with a hotfix in the form of v1.20b — business as usual, really. At any rate, the past month or two were one hell of a ride, and at one point the update almost wouldn’t have happened in the first place: The project had gotten corrupted and I’d lost all my progress. If I hadn’t made a backup of the project as of v1.15a due to Game Maker Studio’s 2.3 update, it would’ve been all over. I started using Github after that, but of course I still had to recover a lot of progress… which I kinda did in the span of a few days.

At any rate, unless anything else comes up that requires fixing, this is the absolute final update for the game. It’s been over three years since its initial release, and it’s high time for me to move on to new projects, which happen to be within the scope of what I want to talk about in this update.

Starting with the elephant in the room: the second Mukai game. I’d actually attempted starting development on it back in 2019, believe it or not, but most I got done were a few new assets and maybe the shot types. Given that I effectively made a copy of the COL project to use as a base, and considering all the work I’ve done on COL itself since, it of course reasons from that that there’s not much I’ll be able to reuse — not that that’s much of a setback, thankfully.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m hoping to restart development sometime late this year (November/December, perhaps), but no later than early 2022. Various circumstances have held me off from even so much as finding the motivation to work on it, not least of all my art burnout. However, I realize that there are many other aspects of the game that I could have been working on aside from graphics and code: music, for one, or even just writing the dialogue. “Know your limits and then work around them” is good advice to live by, and I’m going to try doing so, going forward.

As an aside, I did receive a new drawing tablet last week (a Huion Kamvas Pro 12), so I’ll be trying to take this as an opportunity to continue shaking off the rust and improving my art skills.

What I’d also like to work on is a new album. You may remember from my very first General Update Log that I mentioned I’d had a plan for one, and of course that’s exactly what I’m intending to work on. I can’t say how long that album is going to be yet. I’m going to try shooting for 10 tracks again, but it could also end up with less. I haven’t entirely given up on my dream of having and selling physical copies of Proto-Unreality Replication ~Len’en Kai Mugenri~ and Dextrous Yet Destitute yet, either. I’d love to have them made, it’s just that it costs a lot of money, and if there’s no demand, I obviously won’t be able to come anywhere near breaking even. Maybe someday in the future, though…

Now that I’m finally done with COL, though, I may open song commissions again soon. First I just want to write something for myself to get back into the swing of things, but after that, definitely going to take another jab at it. I should note, however, that I’ll be changing my pricing system to be on a per-minute basis, rather than per-phrase. My prices will also be somewhat higher, since I felt like I charged way too little for the amount of work I put in. Just as a heads-up to those of you who’ve been waiting all these months for me to open commissions again.

One last thing I’d like to mention — just this once — is that I’ve got a second blog that serves as a personal gaming journal. You can check it out here. I won’t bring it up here again, since the TGA blog is meant to be for, well, TGA-related stuff (i.e. the games and music I’m working on), but I’ll be posting on Twitter whenever there’s a new journal entry, so you can’t miss it (unless Twitter’s algorithm says otherwise).

That’s all. Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope I’ll have something new for you to look forward to soon.







General Update Log No. 6

Been a hot minute, hasn’t it? I was hoping I’d have more to offer in the span of two-and-a-half months, but this is probably gonna be a pretty short update that I could have just written a Twitter thread for. Oh well, let’s get this over with.

Speaking of Twitter, you’ll have noticed that it’s been pretty dead for a while now, with my only real sign of life being my streaming activity on Twitch, which I stopped advertising after a while. I’ve given it some thought and decided to quit streaming, at least for the foreseeable future. It hasn’t been fun or rewarding in a long while, and even though I only streamed three days a week, sticking to the schedule made it even more of a chore. I was trying to turn my suffering into humor, but I think it just hurt me mentally in the long run.

Commissions are going to be on hold for a while, too. Of the two I took on, I was only able to finish one. I’m deeply sorry if you’d been looking forward to getting a song from me, but hopefully I’ll be able to reopen once I’m doing better again.

…which is kind of the main problem of the past several weeks. My mental health has been going through a slump again, and I’ve lost the drive to do much of anything, be it working on projects, talking to people, or even eating. It also doesn’t help that I’ll be moving on the 23rd, which just adds to the stress and my general listlessness.

As usual, thank you for your support. Every little bit of it helps. That’s all I really have the mental capacity to say right now. Sorry.


 今日はBandcamp Fridayです! どういうことかと言うと、今日はBandcampでアルバムを買うと、収益の一部がBandcamp社に行くのではなく、クリエイターがすべての収益を受け取ることができるのです。


 それとついでに、僕のもう一つのアルバム「祖型无現の再現 ~嗹縁開无現里~」もよろしくお願いします。Daijin氏による最初の連縁作品「鏈縁无現里 ~ Emergency everyday」のサウンドトラックのリマスターです。主人公セリンツのボス曲、そしてスタッフロール曲の二曲のオリジナル曲もあります。


 作曲と言えば、本日はコミッションを開始することになります! アルバムは僕の腕前を表すポートフォリオのようなものだと思ってください。詳しくは、僕のTwitter(というか、このツイート)をご覧ください。以下のコミッションシートでもどうぞ。




 東方の進捗は、神霊廟のルナノーコンクリアはまだですが、虹龍洞のEXクリアそしてルナノーコンクリアを初日に達成しました! これで、格ゲーを除く公式の東方のゲームの半分以上でルナノーコンクリアを達成しました。虹龍洞はすでにLNNされたりカンストされたりしたらしいですし。カードはやっぱり強すぎですね・・・


 それと、Ko-fiを始めようかなと思っています。どうですか? コーヒーでも買ってくれませんか?