An update on MajiKana, and a new game announcement

As of yesterday, Ruko has finally obtained the final parts necessary to build herself a new PC, meaning that, after around half a year of nothing, development on MajiKana is finally set to resume!

Having lost this much time on game development, there’s obviously no way we’d be able to finish the game by the end of the year, seeing as MajiKana is only about 30% done at this point. It’s a depressing number, considering the game started development almost two years ago, but with any luck, we ought to improve our productivity by putting aside at least a few hours a week for game development. Given our lack of overall progress, it’s still hard to say exactly when we’ll be done, however, so the release date will still be TBA.

That said, the first thing we’re gonna work on is another graphical overhaul. Next time you’ll get to see footage of MajiKana, expect much prettier backgrounds than ever before.

Speaking of game development, I, Popfan, want to formally announce another game that I’ve been working on by myself since February.

screenshot(early development screenshot, not representative of the final product)

“Mukai Genmaden ~ chain of lucidity” is going to be the first game of the Mukai Project, a series of bullet hell shoot ’em ups inspired particularly by Touhou and Len’en. The game is still in fairly early development, but with any luck, I ought to be able to finish it in mid-to-late 2017. Like with MajiKana, this is a game I’m making in my spare time.

The game will be fairly small-scale, having only one playable character with two shot types, five stages, and no extra stage, and it will most likely only be released for Windows PCs. At least, there are no plans for things like Mac or Linux releases. As for the current state of progress, the core engine is pretty much done, so it’s just a matter of creating all the necessary assets (graphics, music, sound effects), as well as designing the stages and boss fights. If I had to give the overall progress a percentage, I’d say it’s somewhere around 40-50%.

I hope you’ll look forward to my game as much as you’ll look forward to MajiKana.

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MajiKana delayed even further ― マジカナ公開はもっと延期

As expected, we didn’t make the spring release. In fact, development has been going slow to the point where we were hardly even able to make any progress since the last update in November. To top it off, Ruko experienced some serious technical difficulties, from which she has yet to fully recover, and as such, her ability to work on the game has become limited. With a huge boss that is annoying to work on, even the programmers find themselves hard-pressed to get any significant work done.

Because of this, MajiKana’s release is delayed until further notice. We’re hopeful that we might get the game done by the end of the year, but don’t count on it.

This bad news out of the way, here’s some good news to make up for it: First of all, we’ve begun planning (and rudimentary development) of a series of side-games called “MajiKana Gaiden”, which will each be one stage long and mimicking the look, feel and limitations of a different system. Some work was done on the NES version, “MajiKana FC Gaiden”, for the sake of having something to show in the above update video, but further development on these is low-priority and unlikely to go anywhere until the main game has been completed. The side-games will be donationware, so you can decide for yourself how much you’re willing to pay for each of them.

Secondly, we’re very excited to announce that Super Fighter Team has approached us offering to port MajiKana to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis! Given the high production costs, however, we expect the retail price to be somewhere around $40 to $60. However, just like SFT’s other titles, this one will also be region-free.

Please look forward to both, and thank you for your patience with us up until this point!




一、わくわくにお知らせるのは、Super Fighter Team様が我々を連絡して、マジカナのセガメガドライブ版を作ることです!生産値段は高いですから、小売価格が4千~6千5百円の範囲にあるでしょう。しかし、SFT様の全ゲーム通りに日本・アメリカ・ヨーロッパ・世界中のメガドライブで遊べます。


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MajiKana’s Release Delayed ― マジカナ公開延期

We have been hard at work with Haruhana Soft to release MajiKana by the end of the year, but as you may be able to tell from the trailer up there and Ruko’s explanation in her update video, we added a lot of spiffy things into the game such as new powerups and an improved choice of colors. This, coupled with a fairly low productivity rate, means we won’t even have the game halfway done by the end of the year. We are going to have to delay its release until at least spring of 2016, if not further, and we are so sorry about that, but it may be better for the quality of the final product. Please be patient.

On that note, we would like to point out that donations are still open, and still with the same rewards. For further information, check out Haruhana Soft’s website or our own website’s MajiKana section.

Thank you for your support!




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Touhoucon 2015 ― 2015年の東方コン

It’s nearly time. Touhoucon starts this Friday at Hilton Anaheim in California, and we’re gonna be there – well, aside from Scarlet Rhapsody, who unfortunately can’t make it. And we won’t be hosting any TGA-related panels, either. But it’s a big moment due to it being the first ever real-life meetup of the team.
The hype is real!

そろそろですな~。今週の金曜日、東方コンの始まりはカリフォルニア州のヒルトン・アナハイムにあり、僕たちが居ます! まぁ、残念ながらScarlet Rhapsodyが着けませんが。外人アレクのパネルもないし。しかし、初めての現作団の実生活のミートアップとなります。

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MajiKana Demo Release (v0.021) ― マジカナ体験版の公開

Team Gaijin Alex, in collaboration with Haruhana Soft, is developing their debut game to be released by the end of the year. However, as of July 1, a playable demo has been released that was recently updated to iron-out some kinks.

Go to Haruhana Soft’s website to download the game, or just click here instead. (Click here if you already have the game and want to update it with a patch.)

Do leave us your feedback, and please consider donating to help us during development.




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Blog Creation!

As if a website and a Twitter weren’t enough, here’s a blog to detail the exploits of Team Gaijin Alex as they create games and stuff.

Since this blog is only for particularly noteworthy updates, don’t expect too many updates. Our Twitter is probably going to be more active than this.

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