New year’s bad news

A happy new year to all of you! I hope you all slid into 2018 healthy and well. I know I could have had a smoother new year’s night. Completely failed to pace my drinking, and I’m still feeling the effects a little bit (very mild dizziness).

Anyway, this isn’t about my drinking habits. You may have noticed that chain of lucidity has yet to be released, even though I announced way back in May that I’d have it done by the end of the year. Truth be told, it is as good as done already. All stages and bosses are there, I have very little left to actually code, but there’s one thing that’s been a much bigger snag than I’d expected it to be, and that’s the final boss theme. I still don’t have anything for it, and aside from the remaining Japanese translations, some more difficulty balancing and redoing a certain boss attack, it’s just about the only thing holding me back from releasing the game.

As agonizing as it is that I haven’t been able to keep my deadline, I’m going to have to delay the game’s release date to an indefinite point. I don’t know when I’ll be done, and I don’t want to give people false hopes by setting a new deadline and then not reaching that. We’ve already made that mistake with MajiKana.

Thank you for your continued patience with my slipping work ethic.


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chain of lucidity (trial) v0.01 released! — 夢界幻魔伝(体験版)v0.01公開!



The wait is finally over! …at least for a short while. I was able to uphold my own schedule for once, and I intend to continue to do so for the full version’s release.

But enough preamble. Click here to get to the game’s page for a download link, and see the bottom of this post for some screenshots!

Thank you for waiting.


いよいよ届きました! もう少しだけ待つ必要がありません。自分の〆切を守れまして、完成版の公開までに守り続けるつもりです。




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この週の残り時間に、細かい調整をしています。そして、このままいけば、体験版を予定より一週間前に公開出来そうです! 現在残っている課題はいくつかのSFXしかなく、それからは完成版に目指すことができそうです。






まあ、とりあえず以上です。来週をお楽しみに! スクリーンショットとダウンロードリンクがきっとあるでしょう。

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Upcoming release!

Hello, Popfan here, once again!

I’m reporting in to tell you that development of chain of lucidity has been coming along swimmingly. Back in July, after I had finished my exams and was facing no further obligations for the next two-and-a-half months, I decided to write up a 12-week development schedule that would include weekly goals to work towards. I’ve had a bit of a schedule slip at times, and I wasn’t particularly sticking to the schedule in the last few weeks, but it was a huge help at keeping me on track and using my spare time (of which I had lots) efficiently. I even kept a development journal. Maybe I’ll publish it someday…

Anyway, today’s Friday. More specifically, Friday of Week 11 out of 12 of the development schedule, and exactly 10 days until said schedule ends. But in a fortunate turn of events, playtesting of the trial version content has wrapped up much earlier than I anticipated, so I’ve just been spending the rest of the week tying up loose ends here and there, and from the looks of it, I’m going to be releasing the trial version a week earlier than anticipated! Pretty much all I’ve got left at this point is a few sound effects, after which it’s just a matter of concentrating my efforts on the full version content.

While I’ve got you reading, I’d like to say a word or two about my terms and conditions regarding the use of my game’s assets, whether in a derivative or educational way or otherwise.

Getting the most important one out of the way first, the music: Please do not reupload the soundtrack of my works to YouTube, Nicovideo, or any other similar platform, whether as-is or as an extended version, without express permission from myself, and if you do receive that permission, absolutely make sure to divulge all pertinent information (game name, song title, give credit to myself and/or my circle, provide links to the game’s page), and mention that you have received permission. Do also note that I reserve the right to revoke your permission at any time, for any reason. I understand that this may sound oppressively strict, but I was honestly pretty disgusted after seeing how certain YouTube channels rarely provide sufficient credit and links to the actual soundtrack they’re reuploading, yet are more than happy and willing to give credit for something as banal as the background image used in the video.

As for screenshots, you may freely use these however you see fit, provided you do not transform them beyond cropping and scaling without distortion. Basically, keep ’em pretty.

When it comes to image assets and sound effects, I doubt you’d be able to extract them (not even I know how), but in the unlikely event that you do figure it out somehow, please try not to distribute or use them for yourself. If you’d like to make a derivative work, that’s absolutely fine by me, but do try to make your own assets for that if you can. I didn’t have to borrow or steal anybody’s stuff, either.

Lastly, the game itself: Please do not reupload it unless the official download link provided by me happens to be broken (and if that’s the case, notify me so I can fix it). Also, please do not alter the game and then publish your altered version without my knowledge or consent. This includes the likes of translation patches (which even includes troll translations, even though my opinion of them is exceptionally low). Speaking of translation patches, if you would like there to be a translation into a language other than English or Japanese, feel free to let me know. I won’t provide for every language request I get, because I feel that English and Japanese are more than sufficient to reach my target audience, but if I get a sufficient number of requests for a certain language, I may consider adding it into the game.

Well, that should be all for now. Look forward to next week! Screenshots and a download link coming up then.

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どうもー Popfanです!

去年の10月に「夢界幻魔伝 ~ chain of lucidity」というゲームを発表したブログを書いたの記憶があるでしょう。僕のツイッターを先の一週間にフォローしていた人々はこのゲームの現在ステータスをすでによく知っていますが、それでもブログでアップデートを持ってきたほうがいいと思っています。





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Update on “chain of lucidity”

Hello, Popfan speaking!

You may remember how I wrote a blog post last October in which I announced a game called “Mukai Genmaden ~ chain of lucidity”. Those who’ve been following me on Twitter in the past week or so are already well aware of that game’s current status, but I still feel like bringing you an update via blog post is in order.

Suffice to say, progress is now at a point where the entire core engine is (at least to my knowledge; I may have overlooked something somewhere) 100% done, so all that’s left is filling in the stages, boss fights, backgrounds, audio and image assets. Stage 1 is fully finished save for the boss fight, which I’ve only just started working on. However, the most recent thing I finished is the stage background, so have a screenshot:

To round it all up, I have decided on an estimated release date: I’ll do everything in my power to have a three-stage trial version ready by the end of October this year, with the full version to be released two months later in December as a free download.

With this kind of deadline, I feel like I should have enough time to complete all the stages by the time I release the trial version, so that the time until the full version’s release can be used playtesting the game together with a few hand-picked individuals.

That’s all for now. I hope you’ll look forward to my game!

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「夢界幻魔伝 ~ chain of lucidity」とは、夢界Projectという東方と連縁からインスピレーションを取る弾幕STGシリーズの第一弾です。開発はまだ初期ですが、2017年の後半に完成出来るかもしれません。マジカナと同じに、余暇に開発するゲームです。



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