General Update Log No. 5

Today is Bandcamp Friday! What does that mean? It means that, if you buy albums on Bandcamp today, the creators will receive all of the revenue instead of a cut of it going to Bandcamp itself.

My own album, Dextrous Yet Destitute, has been out since last month, but for the sake of capitalizing on today, I’ve made a bit of a promotion video. In case you’ve never listened to it before, here’s a crossfade demo, but also make sure to watch until the end for a promo code you can use that’ll let you buy the album at a 50% discount for today!

While you’re at it, please consider purchasing my other album, too: Proto-Unreality Replication ~Len’en Kai Mugenri~, a remaster of the original soundtrack to the first ever Len’en game, Emergency everyday, developed by Daijin. I even wrote two original themes for it: one being a boss theme for protagonist Serintsu, the other a credits theme.

Of course, please don’t buy the same album twice unless it’s as a gift for someone else. Otherwise, thank you very much for your support! I appreciate it a lot!

Speaking of music, I’m also opening commissions as of today! Consider the above album a portfolio of sorts so you’ll know what I’m capable of. Check my Twitter (or, more specifically, this tweet) for more information, or just look at the commission sheet below:

To start with, I think I’ll only be taking two slots in order to test the waters. If I feel comfortable enough, I’ll open more slots. Hopefully you’ll like what I do enough to want to get something from me!

I’ve also developed something of a consistent schedule for Twitch streaming. You can find me just about every day at 6PM GMT+2, streaming for about two hours at a time. I announce my streams on Twitter an hour in advance as well as when I go live, so don’t miss ’em!

Currently I’m streaming myself playing through Phantasy Star II after completing its prequel on-stream before. It might be a pretty grind-heavy game, so feel free to try and chat me up about whatever you like.

As for my progress with Touhou, I still haven’t gotten my TD Lunatic 1cc yet, but I did get a day one Extra stage clear and Lunatic 1cc of UM! With that, I now have Lunatic 1ccs in more than half the official Touhou games, not counting the fighting games. Apparently the game has also been LNN’d and counterstopped on day one. Cards are just that OP.

That’s it for now. I’m glad the update turned out as big as it did. Heck, I spent all Wednesday afternoon editing the promo video for the album. The pomodoro technique is crazy effective.

Also, I’ve been thinking of starting a Ko-fi. What do you think? Would you buy me a coffee?

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