General Update Log No. 2

Two weeks have passed, and here we are again. This update is going to be quite a bit shorter than the first one, though, mostly since there are only two things I’ve been working on.

Number one is, of course, the album. I was planning to have all the composing work out of the way by yesterday… and I guess I technically managed to do that? At least in the sense that I’ve at the very least got all the melodies and chord progressions I need to complete each track… but as you can probably guess, actual production has yet to come anywhere close to concluding, even without counting the mixing.

As the saying goes, the first casualty of any battle is the plan of attack. My schedule slipped, I had more days with no progress made than I’d like to admit, and distractions were aplenty. As much as it frustrates me to miss yet another deadline, I probably won’t get the album done until at least February at this rate.

Currently, the album is a little over 75% done. I’ll try my best to get as much progress done as possible this week so I can at least do a reveal of the track list before the month is over. Every track has at the very least been started on by now, with two that are technically already done but may need some tweaks all across the board.

On to my second project, though: the new website. If you’ve followed me on Twitter over the past two weeks, you’ll have seen me referring to it as “version 3.0”. I’m really happy with the aesthetic I decided on, and I’ve been following the concept of responsive web design in order to allow it to smoothly fit to displays of any size, which is so much better than the mobile version I tried to do back in 2017.

Unfortunately, though, I still struggle with backend stuff, particularly since I want neater-looking URLs, and the frontend stuff still has issues that have been frustrating me to no end, so no telling on when that update will go live.

And that just about covers the past two weeks. Both my sleep schedule and my work ethic really went down the crapper without me even realizing it, so wish me luck on getting my act back together.

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