chain of lucidity v1.00a released!

Hello, Popfan here!

I’m well over nine months behind schedule, but I’ve finally finished this damn thing. Though before I say anything else, watch this release trailer that I put together:

Now, a few things of note before you play:

  • This game consists of five stages, with no Extra Stage to unlock.
  • It has one playable character with two shot types: a powerful spread type and a dependable homing type.
  • The key survival/scoring mechanic is in the dream gauge. Once it’s at least 50% full, Lucid Mode can be activated, which strengthens your shots and rapidly drains the dream gauge. You can earn bombs by activating Lucid Mode with a full dream gauge and letting it run out without getting hit or bombing.
  • There is also a time mechanic similar to Imperishable Night, where time advances between stages depending on how full the dream gauge is by the end of the stage. Continuing after a Game Over advances time, as well, giving you as many continues as you have hours remaining until 6 AM.
  • The game’s overall degree of difficulty may be somewhat higher than your average Touhou game, at least according to playtesters.
  • Save data from the trial version will not be compatible with the full version.
  • Replays have a small chance of desyncing. If yours do or you just want to be cautious, it’s recommended that you make live recordings.

All good? Then you can grab the game here!

Thanks for your patience with my poor work ethic up until this point.

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