Update on “chain of lucidity”

Hello, Popfan speaking!

You may remember how I wrote a blog post last October in which I announced a game called “Mukai Genmaden ~ chain of lucidity”. Those who’ve been following me on Twitter in the past week or so are already well aware of that game’s current status, but I still feel like bringing you an update via blog post is in order.

Suffice to say, progress is now at a point where the entire core engine is (at least to my knowledge; I may have overlooked something somewhere) 100% done, so all that’s left is filling in the stages, boss fights, backgrounds, audio and image assets. Stage 1 is fully finished save for the boss fight, which I’ve only just started working on. However, the most recent thing I finished is the stage background, so have a screenshot:


To round it all up, I have decided on an estimated release date: I’ll do everything in my power to have a three-stage trial version ready by the end of October this year, with the full version to be released two months later in December as a free download.

With this kind of deadline, I feel like I should have enough time to complete all the stages by the time I release the trial version, so that the time until the full version’s release can be used playtesting the game together with a few hand-picked individuals.

That’s all for now. I hope you’ll look forward to my game!